Irelynn Logeen

Sexy redhead Irelynn Logeen gets her panties pulled down during her OTK spanking

John was quite excited about his latest acquisition to Triple A Spanking as he had tried a few times before to get Irelynn to appear but circumstances conspired against them both with bad timing & such so it was not long before he made up for this & settled Irelynn over his lap. Underneath her shorts he revealed a very cute pair of panties & as he continued to spank Irelynn’s gorgeous bottom it began to start turning red. This introductory film specializes in OTK spanking & as John upped the tempo you’ll see some great facial reactions you’d expect starring the very sexy Irelynn Logeen!

If you like this sexy babe, Irelynn Logeen, who has Dutch heritage but with a distinctly Irish-flavor, download this movie now! You can get this movie in clear, crisp HD and many more quality British spanking movies at Triple A Spanking!

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