Cheerleader Lilia Spinoza

Cheerleader Lilia Spinoza sits at the back of the classroom

Lilia is a very pretty cheerleader who thinks it is okay to come to class late. This particular day her class has been very naughty and Lilia thinks she should not have to be punished just because she is a cheerleader. Unfortunately for her Miss Fonda is particularly hard on cheerleaders and has Lilia pulled over her knee on the desk with her cheer skirt pushed up, panties down and curvy bottom very red as she counts her spankings one by one. There will be no special treatment for cheerleaders!

Ms Fonda spanks Lilia Spinoza, the naughty cheerleader, over her white panties at the front of the class gallery

Ms Fonda spanks the naughty cheerleader over her white panties at the front of the class

The cheerleader scene is mixed into Clare Fonda’s latest installment of her epic Exclusive Education movies. Lilia Spinoza is fairly new to being an internet spanking model, in fact this is the first time we’ve seen her. The cheerleader segment is a nice punctuation in this huge classroom spanking scene. Lilia is very pretty and has a nice, big, round, latina bottom that looks lovely in her white panties as Clare lifts up her chearleader uniform to spank her. But then, of course, the panties come down and Lilia and the rest of the class are spanked with the hand and various paddles.

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