Kelly Payne Spanks Clare Fonda

Kelly Payne Spanks Clare Fonda

When it comes to good old-fashioned F/F spanking Clare Fonda is one of the best there is. Anyone who has ever seen Clare’s excellent Girl Spanks Girl site will know that she can really dish out the pain to those naughty bottoms.

But, aswell as being a top Clare also finds herself at the mercy of some other strict ladies such as Chelsea Pfeiffer, Lana and, in this episode of Girl Spanks Girl, Kelly Payne. As you can see from the above photo, Kelly is a hard spanker. Without giving away the plot too much Clare agrees to be spanked if Kelly then leaves her alone and stops giving her a hard time. In return Kelly gives plenty to Clare’s naughty bottom and when after a good spanking Clare is still unrepentant, there are plenty more really hard smacks on Clares bright red bottom.

Another very real punishment spanking, maybe this should be “cougar spanks cougar”.. I don’t think Clare would have sat down for a while after this one. Watch the vids at..

Girl Spanks Girl

One thought to “Kelly Payne Spanks Clare Fonda”

  1. It would be a dream come true to be turned bottom up by Kelly Payne and given a hard bare-ass hand spanking.

    Zack Wheeler

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