Lazy Babe gets a Good Diaper-position Spanking

Lazy Babe gets a Good Diaper-position Spanking

This hot babe is caught drinking and smoking on the sofa when she has far better things to do. Her remedy for laziness is a good diaper position spanking in today’s gallery.

I like the girl a lot, she looks familiar but I can’t remember her name.. she’s British anyway. She puts down her can of beer and cigarette and is then taken over the knee for a good bare-bottom spanking. I like the quality of the photos here, they really show the spanking at its best. I like the OTK pic of the girl getting her blue panties slapped with one hand behind her back.

After the OTK things start to hot up even more when she girl is spanked in the diaper position then gets the spatula and slipper on her naughty ass. I like the beautiful close-ups of her shaved pussy as she’s lying on her back getting her bum smacked and all the shots are really beautiful.

In this household naughtiness is often rewarded with a stern punishment, you can tell because the wooden spatula has “NOT FOR COOKING” written on the handle!..

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