Spanked For Taking Money

Spanked For Taking Money

You know when you see a movie or gallery and your eyes pop out of your head? Well, I guess everyone has a different taste, but this bare bottom spanking gallery had that effect here.

Without telling you what I like (there’s nothing really here to dislike) here’s a description:

An old guy (maybe a grandpa) is spanking a pretty blonde girls money for taking money when she shouldn’t have. First he bends her over and spanks her on her tiny denim hotpants but then he decides that its time to get her really embarrassed and he helps her remove her t-shirt and peel down those tight hotpants. The busty blonde babe is naked except for her high-heels. Her all-natural, untanned body is nothing but pure and the old man is determined to make sure her actions remain pure by teaching her a lesson. With her totally nude he continues to spank her bottom, pulling her ponytail as he slaps her rump. Then, he drives his point home by getting her on all fours and taking the leather paddle to her naughty ass. The finale, is possibly the hottest part: the girl, naked with hands on her head, stands and gets a firm lecture while the old man unashamedly stares at her big boobs before turning her around to examine her rosy red buttocks.

Very hot indeed. Watch the video only at the Exclusive British Spanking website…

Spanked Cheeks

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