Clare’s in charge!

Sarah Gregory is back and her daddy is away on a trip so she has her push-over mom to look after her. Only this time her long-suffering mom, Clare Fonda, decides to take charge. Clare has had enough back talk, enough attitude, and enough of Sarah doing whatever Sarah wants to do. In her husband’s absence she takes disciplining her rude daughter into her own hands and gives this brat the long over due spanking she deserves.

You’ll notice that Clare Fonda and Sarah Gregory are both color co-ordinated in this scene, especially when Sarah’s jogging pants are removed and she is spanked wearing nothing but her black vest. Clare is wearing a sexy, black dress and is looking very smart.

I liked the photos from this scene because the contrasts and the black, pink and yellow gives them an almost comic book feel.

You can see more of Sarah getting disciplined by Clare Fonda in the movie at her website Sarah Gregory Spanking, as well as a recent Flintstones parody which sees Bam Bam spanking a bratty Pebbles in Bedrock.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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