Girl Guide Mayhem

Irelynn Logeen spanks Leia Ann Woods with both ladies wearing girl guide uniforms

Leia Ann Woods and Irelynn Logeen are looking forward to going out to a really popular Fancy Dress party and they are sure that their Girl Guide Uniforms will be something that will make them stand out from the crowd! They’ve had a few glasses of vino already and as they get dressed and excited about the coming evening, Leia makes some uncalled for remarks about how Irelynn looks and wants to wear the shirt with more badges on! It’s playful banter at first but then both girls start to scrap on the bed and Irelynn pins down Leia telling her she is going out with a sore bottom as she pulls down her skirt and starts to spank her exposed cheeks. Leia struggles but Irelynn is too strong as she continues to smack Leia’s delicious bottom until she accepts her fate! They soon kiss and make up.

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