OTK for bratty glamour babe

OTK for bratty glamour babe

As the name of this site suggests, we enjoy seeing bratty, badgirls getting their comeuppance in the form of a good ol’ punishment on their naughty bottoms.

Today’s babe is called Rebecca and she looks like she is long overdue a good OTK session. Rebecca is a french maid but just by looking at her we can kinda tell that this stuck up brat has never lifted a finger in her life. Well, luckily for her, us, and the world, this gets rectified instantly with a good OTK spanking by her strict-looking lady employer in this lesbian spanking gallery.

I think it would be possible for the spanking to be a little harder but the sight of a spoilt brat in full makeup getting her bare bottom smacked as she howls is very hot. See a whole bunch more of this at…

Bad Females

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