Painful Wood!

Chelsea Pfeiffer paddles Lena Ramone's bare bottom OTK

Chelsea Pfeiffer looks like your average American lady. If you saw her pushing a cart around a supermarket she just looks normal. If your paths crossed and there was a conversation between you and Chelsea you’d think she was a manager in a large company, or a teacher, or something respectable and very normal. However, in reality not only is she a spanking domme but she also wields a wooden implement like no other!

These two recent updates from Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking see her with two very solid-looking wooden spanking implements.

In the first photo, above, Chelsea looks almost serene as she lands a painful blow from a large, wooden paddle on Lena Ramone’s lovely bottom. Then, below we can see her concentrating as she aims a huge, wooden paddle at Carolyn Reese’s already very red bottom.

Carolyn Reese bends over the sofa as Chelsea swings a large paddle at her bare bottom

You can see that there is some lotion on the coffee table alongside the other paddles and straps to soothe Carolyn’s bottom after her punishment. It looks like she’ll need it!

Both these scenes are very different with two different ladies and a different storyline for each. I like the fact that the first OTK photo shows Lena in bare feet and the second photo has a bare-bottomed Carolyn naked below the waist apart from her boots. But despite the differences the one thing that remains in every Good Spanking scene is that Chelsea really delivers a “good spanking” to whichever pretty lady has irked her that week.

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