Lovely Double OTK spankings for 2 hot girls

Lovely Double OTK spankings for 2 hot girls

This scene shows the petite girl in the tiny pink skirt demonstrating to her friend in the blue T-shirt how to take a spanking. And it is actually a very hard and fast hand-spanking with the teacher spanking with what must be full-force on the girl’s little bubble butt. When he pauses for breath to ask the quiet observer what she thinks of her friend’s spanking the girl does not say too much but the spanked girl re-assures her that it is very painful but that its not as bad as it looks. See some stills in this school spanking gallery.

I’m not sure how the girl knows how hard it looks, maybe she knows she’s been “ow”ing and wincing with every super-hard smack on her tender buttocks.

After a jolly good OTK for one girl it’s the spanking virgin’s turn to see for herself how it feels to get a good old OTK from the teacher!

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Girls Boarding School

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