Kalou Spanking Amber

Kalou Spanking Amber

We’ve been meaning to post this for some time now. Spanking Amber is a really nice site that we love because Amber herself is a true spank-o who we think would be getting spanked and loving it even if she did not have a website. The spankings she receives and dishes out are hard, real and kinda exciting. There seems to be a little more struggling and animation than a lot of spanking websites which really adds to the excitement.

The above photo is taken from the Kalou spanks Amber update but as you’ll see Amber is both spanked and spanks her hot girlfriends. If you like redheads with tattoos getting a nice hard spanking it’s definitely a website you should be checking out…

Spank Amber

EDIT: It looks like Amber no longer has a spanking website. Her website is now dedicated mainly to glamour and hardcore sex, but you’ll still find some spanking there.

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