Behave like a Bitch and you get Spanked

Behave like a Bitch and you get Spanked

When this British woman behaves like a bitch there is only one thing for it.. knickers down and bend over for a firm spanking. This gallery actually features two older ladies and the one who needs to be punished should know better. She’s obviously kinky because she’s wearing a plaid skirt with stockings and tall, black leather boots. When she takes off her skirt she exposes her big British bottom and we can just about see how kinky she is from the tattoo on the small of her back.

It’s a nice scene for anyone who appreciates that older women often need to be punished too. I especially like the way her white knickers remain around her ankles even when she bends over the kitchen table for her paddling. One nice, big, red bottom, two kinky cougars and some hot fetish action. Even though the two ladies are wearing different clothes the spanker’s collar mirrors the lace of the spankee’s stockings.

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