Punishments Can Happen Anywhere!

Girl gets her bottom bared for a beautiful hard OTK in the kitchen

The strict lady in this movie shows us that not only can spankings happen in the prison and the classroom, they can also happen in a very smart-looking kitchen.

This particular spanker is a fairly short and stocky lady who is always very well turned-out with her hair tied back in the style of an old-fashioned school mistress. As she sits on the chair in the middle of the kitchen she really does look curvy with a large bust and big, round bottom that is accentuated by her tight, black skirt. She also has powerful hands and arms that do admirably at spanking this naughty girl’s bottom.

Initially, the girl is spanked with her knickers on but the style of these knickers does not really give her much protection from the lady’s hard right hand and they are soon yanked down to be given a very long, hard OTK spanking on the bare. It’s a very good-looking scene. The punishment itself is great and the lighting and presentation make it easy to focus on the naughty OTK girl with the bright red bottom.

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One thought to “Punishments Can Happen Anywhere!”

  1. i have been a spoil brat for awhile.i have never been spank.i do want to be spank by a man but looks like this girl is getting spank good and thats how i need to be spank.i let her spank my naughty female bottom

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