Niki Flynn Spanking Superstar Goes OTK

Niki Flynn Spanking Superstar Goes OTK

Niki Flynn is definitely one of the superstars we feature here. Not only does she really love getting her ass beat (the harder and more painful the better) but she has written books about her feelings towards spankings and she’s appeared on loads of websites getting spanked or caned.

Any scene that features Niki Flynn is almost guaranteed to be pretty severe. If the scene starts off with a firm OTK it usually ends up with the cane or paddle being used. She’s appeared all over the place but we’re excited to see her exclusive interview at Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties.

The photo above, from Sweeties, shows a pic from a movie where Niki Flynn discusses some real-life spankings she has had in the past. Niki recollects the clothing she was wearing (in this case pajamas) and then relives the experiences. Here she gets her pajama bottoms pulled down and goes over the knee for a hard hand-spanking. From the pic you can almost imagine her Father’s annoyance and anger at his naughty daughter as he yanks her pajamas down and smacks her naughty, reddening bottom.

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  1. WoW! This is one peace of flesh that needs to be abused properly by a hard,severe and continious spanking with the palm of my hand!

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