Real-Life Spankings

Real Life Spankings says that they have REAL AMATEUR girls IN DOMESTIC SETTINGS. NO professional spanking MODELS… sounds good so far, especially when the babes are as cute as Paula, below, and get a really hard punishment.

That’s the difference between erotic and discipline or real-life spankings. The one can be fun and mainly used as foreplay and the latter can be sexual but the main purpose is to give a naughty girl a very sore, red bottom.

Here, not only are the spankings truly hard and painful but the amateur girls are really hot. Paula is a good example, you can see that she is very attractive and well turned-out plus in the second photo her bottom gets very red indeed at the end of her elongated OTK session. She even ends up getting her bum smacked as she lies across the dining table in this hard RL movie..

Paula's OTK @ Real-Life Spankings

Paula's OTK @ Real-Life Spankings

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Real Life Spankings

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