Sarah’s Naked Aruba Spanking

Sarah Gregory gets spanked naked in the bathtub in Aruba
Sarah Gregory gets spanked naked in the bathtub in Aruba

You may know that Sarah Gregory and Kat St. James recently went on vacation to Aruba with some other friends. Here Sarah proves that even on vacation there are still times when she needs a spanking. This scene is particularly sexy as both ladies are naked in the tub with some striking tanlines and white bottoms.

Sarah and Kat are on vacation in Aruba. Kat is trying to take a relaxing bath and Sarah wants to get in. Kat says she will let Sarah in if she pays the price. As Sarah gets in, she is pushed around to find herself bottom up and getting spanked. Apparently that was the price to get in. Sarah gladly takes her sensual spanking and then gives some back to Kat.

This is the latest update at Sarah Gregory Spanking, where you can see a whole lot of Sarah on both ends of a good spanking with all her kinky spanko friends.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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