Angel Dream gets a hard OTK handspanking in the Bedroom

Angel Dream gets a hard OTK handspanking in the bedroom

I like this picture. It’s unusual because the guy is facing away from us, towards the bedroom wall as he spanks the naughty lady, but that makes it feel like we’re intruding on a private spanking. We can see the girl’s bright red bottom as she’s about to get another hefty slap across those round cheeks and we can also see her peering round, almost in shock, as she sees that she’s being watched. Her expression says “can’t you see this hurts and is embarrassing, now go away!” Nice try, but we’re going to stay and watch…

The cute blonde geting spanked here is called Angel Dream and as you can see it’s a good spanking she’s getting. See this and the many full spanking movies at…

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