Masturbation in another’s bed?

Jasmine gets into bed with Sophie shortly before lights out

Today’s scene is one that you can definitely imagine happening in times gone by, or in a parrallel universe. It’s a very sexy tale of two naughty British ladies experimenting with their sexuality while the establishment voices it’s disapproval…

Jasmine visits Sophie in her bedroom shortly before lights out! They’re just having a girly natter and gossip about their day but being in each others rooms is strictly forbidden and things get worse when Jasmine starts playing with herself under the sheets and the girls argue a little about the etiquette of “wanking” in another’s bed! Old Osborne, forever patrolling the corridors hears the disturbance investigating the noise from Sophie’s room. He decides to punish them both when the truth comes out and Sophie is keen not to get into trouble so she explains why it was all Jasmine’s fault because she was touching herself down below. Osborne is horrified and is shocked that his girls “self defile” in such a way and after a knicker and sheet inspection finds both girls guilty of this carnal crime! They complain and bicker but they are both strapped and paddled with his leather implements before he sends Jasmine back to her room with a sore aching red bottom and tucks Sophie back into bed with an equally tender throbbing backside for her to reflect on being such a tattle tale…

Sophie has her pyjamas pulled down and gets strapped on the bare

Both girls are wearing identical pyjamas, but those pyjama bottoms are pulled down for the leather strap on those lovely English bare bottoms. Very sexy indeed, especially when the two ladies get on all fours to be strapped side-by-side.

“Self Defilers” gallery

Jasmine and Sophie are spanked side-by-side on the bed

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