The Truth catches up with Kay…

Clare Fonda is angry with Kay Richards and intends to spank the lovely lady's bottom

One of my favourite spanking models, Kay Richards, is back! This is a continuation of a previous storyling in which she played a prank and got another girl, Sierra, spanked. Now, the truth has finally caught up with her and it is time for Kay to take the heat for her actions…

Kay Richards had played a prank on Clare by making spanking noises that Sierra could hear, and it led to Clare spanking Sierra in a previous episode of the spanking soap opera. Now it is time for Clare’s revenge. Clare spanks Kay hard over her tight jeans, then spanks her bare bottom, then paddles Kay with a large leather paddle. Kay learns her lesson – you do not mess with Clare.

Clare Fonda is angry with Kay Richards spanks the lovely lady’s bottom – gallery

Kay is a cute brunette and here in jeans, an Armani t-shirt and her face all made-up she looks quite glamourous. Clare Fonda has a nice dress on making the scene look very homely, perfect for a spanking… especially when the spankee is fast-talking, back-chatting Kay in her slutty make-up!

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