Japanese F/F Spanking

A teacher is spanked and caned to help her get better at her job

There is something really magical about the spanking photos at Cutie Spankee. They are always crystal cleear and give you a perfect sense of what is going on in a subtle way. Like in the shot above, a new teacher is getting a lesson from the cane and the “Teacher Trainer”.

Below, is another photo that shows a perfect big, red butt. The girl’s skirt is being lifted up and we see the spanker’s hand with the leather paddle as she prepares to slap her older sister’s big bum again…

She gets her revenge on her older sisters big bottom

In 2006 the good folks at Cutie Spankee moved to Tokyo, Japan (from another city in Japan) where the locations were better and there was also a larger pool of sub-girls to choose from. As a result, after this time the photography and movies really improved a lot and at the moment they are commemorating this by looking back at some of the best shots of 2006. Below is a pic from that..

Best shots of 2006

For more wonderful photography of naughty Japanese babes getting a good OTK in beautiful settings and videos of them with their high-pitched squeals go to…

Cutie Spankee

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