The Strict Tutor

Miss Morgan is unhappy with the three schoolgirls' behavior

Strict Tutor is the latest feature-length update on Girl spanks Girl. It’s a traditional domestic discipline video where ladies are spanked in and out of school uniforms*, pyjamas, as well as tight 1950’s style skirts.

Two daughters, played by Veronica Ricci and Lilia Spinoza, have been misbehaving. Clare has had to resort to hiring a strict tutor to keep the ladies under control. Miss Morgan plays a tutor who has been recommended to Clare Fonda. The scene starts off with Clare describing how she currently disciplines the two ladies, she describes different circumstances and how she would punish them in each case. We then see Clare punishing her two naughty daughters in the way she has described. Then back to the conversation between Clare and the new tutor she ends by saying that the tutor can spank the naughty ladies however she feels fit…

Strict tutor, Miss Morgan, spanks Veronica Ricci over her knee

It is not long before both daughters and the tutor’s other pupil, Mary Jane, have all been underperforming in their studies. Miss Morgan makes them all write lines together then spanks them one-by-one over her knee. When all three ladies are made to line up side-by-side we get an amazing view of their bottoms together, it really shows off how round their big bottoms are. The tutor walks up and down the line slapping their delightful rears as she continues to scold them…

The three ladies line up with their bare, spanked bottoms on show

Strict Tutor, Miss Morgan, deals with three naughty ladies – gallery

Strict Tutor is a follow-up to the summer’s “Exclusive Education 6” movie. You can download the whole of the Exclusive Education series and this latest schoolgirl-themed spanking scene at Girl spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

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