Sophie’s Back

Sophie is strapped and caned to tears

Sophie AKA Spanked Cutie is back.. or should I say, Sophie has been bad. She has been very very bad and broken the rules again. You can see just how bad she’s been by watching these strapping and caning vids.

Sophie bends over the table with her light, summer skirt flipped up onto her back so that her big round ass is naked and on display. Her bottom is larger here than we remember but this cutie has always had an impressive rear.

First up, the teacher has the strap for her, or rather a long leather belt he has folded into two. Even a spanko like Sophie starts to blubber after only a few swats of the belt on her plump bottom. Readers will know that it is not the first time that Sophie has found herself bend over a table getting punished.. that particular position must either be her favorite or least favorite because she seems to find herself in it quite a lot. After every stroke of the belt we see Sophie wriggle and the tears are really flowing from her eyes.

The belt is followed by the cane which Sophie seems to be able to deal a lot better with. She stays in position, not moving her bottom at all, so he is able to get a steady rhythm as he canes her sore ass. While each stroke of the cane is followed swiftly by another this is a considerable punishment and not for the feign of heart. Sophie’s poor bottom gets very red and bruised as teacher canes her harshly for breaking the rules.

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