Sarah’s Rude Awakening

Tasha goes to wake up Sarah who is asleep wearing only her panties

When a spanking is between lovers it doesn’t have to be playful. Here Tasha Lee gives a good example of a disciplinary spanking given to her girlfriend, Sarah Gregory, when she finds out that she’s been in touch with her ex. Probably the worst thing about it is that Sarah had struggled for a long time to move on and had promised to do so, so when Tasha finds that she’s been calling the ex she’s very unhappy, mainly because she is not a positive influence in Sarah’s life. Sarah apologises but Tasha knows that the only way to make sure she learns the lesson is to give her a good spanking! Thus, Sarah, who was asleep on the bed in just her panties when her lover stormed in, gets pulled over the knee and gets thoroughly chastised.

Sarah wakes up when she feels a smack on her ass

Not only is this a lovely movie from a spanking point of view, Sarah is very skimpily dressed, showing off her wonderful, curvy body. Seeing Sarah’s lovely, big fun pillows as she gets her round bottom smacked is very tantilizing indeed. Even Tasha is wearing her neglige, what with it being first thing in the morning. Both ladies look very sexy and even finish off with a long lesbian kiss to make up after Sarah’s punishment.

Sarah's panties are pulled down and she is spanked naked over Tasha's knee

This scene sees Sarah getting her curvy bottom spanked over those pink panties until they are pulled down and she is essentially naked. Then Tasha reaches over for a hard, wooden hairbrush which she uses on naughty Sarah’s lovely bottom to spare her own hand and to give Sarah a real, hard lesson. Finally, she puts the hairbrush away and finishes off with another hand spanking…

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  1. I saw this one and thought it was so sweet ’cause Tasha spanked Sarah pretty hard but she did it out of love and Sarah was forgiven in the end.

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