Sophie spanked Outdoors and in the Bath

Sophie spanked Outdoors and in the Bath

Today we have a double spanking movie gallery featuring Sophie and her arch-nemesis, Shanelle. Sophie should really realise that when it comes to a confrontation between herself and Shanelle there can only be one winner and her bottom will become very sore and painful… yet she continues to misbehave and earn her spankings…

The first two clips are a bathtime paddling and the second two are a naked outdoors paddling with a carpet beater and a very mean-looking thick, wooden paddle. I like any punishment where the girl’s bottom is wet because that is bound to make the spanking more stingy and painful. Outdoors spankings are also a favorite of mine because the possibility of others looking on and observing the spanking, especially when Sophie is completely nude, adds humiliation. You can imagine the next door neighbors looking out from their bedroom window at naughty Sophie as she is thrashed over the garden table.

Spanked Cutie

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