Chloe’s Christmas

Chloe Elise gets a sound OTK hand spanking at Christmas

You may have noticed Christmas is in the air so here’s a festive, or not so festive treat. It’s not as festive as it could be because Chloe Elise has been slacking off and has not put up the xmas decorations. Her boss, Steve Fuller, takes her to task over the matter, putting on his santa hat to give her bottom a real christmas roasting!

When Chloe’s boss discovers that she hasn’t fulfilled her company Christmas party decoration obligations, he decides she needs a good reminder of what happens when she slacks off. She gets a sound, over-the-knee bare bottom spanking. Steve Fuller delivers a hard spanking, turning Chloe’s bottom a festive shade of red.

Chloe Elise gets a sound OTK hand spanking at Christmas – gallery

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