Hard All-Girl Handspankings

Kailee gets her bare ass beat good by hard-spanking Lana

I probably like F/F and M/F spankings equally, one more than another depending on my mood. The main things I look for in a scene is some kind of a story, a good-looking babe and a hard punishment. If the plot is not there I look at the scenery and imagine what might have happened for the poor lady to get such hard treatment, maybe there’s an ashtray on the table or a broken glass on the floor as a clue. I’m not super-fussy when it comes to how beautiful the naughty ladies are but I like slim with a nice bottom. If it’s a hand spanking it has to be hard and make a nice sound as the hand really slaps into the girl’s tender bum, a pat really isn’t the same.

Here, in this all-girl hand-spanking and paddling gallery we have two very hot ladies, Madison Martin and Kailee, getting a good seeing to from one of the hardest spankers I have ever seen, Lana. It’s a good job both babes can take a lot of smacking. And as for plot, there are plenty of twists and turns in this storyline, as you’d expect from episodic hard-spanking soap opera…

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