Kailee is Right at Home!

Kailee is Right at Home!

Kailee looks right at home in this strict domestic discipline gallery. She looks great and her big, round bottom gets a very tasty red color as the very sexy cougar, Clare Fonda, lays into her bare ass with her over the knee. Clare is looking extremely trimmed and foxy in her little black dress but despite this petite look she still smacks very hard indeed as she makes badgirl Kailee squirm around on her lap.

The naughty gothic babe, whose name is pronounced the same as Kylie, certainly works well in Clare Fonda’s latest spank-o-thon “My Spanking Roommate” where main characters Madison Martin and Kay Richards are joined by other hotties, such as Kailee, aswell as plenty of cameos and appearances from all the other people in the girls’ lives (who, of course, all pull their panties down and spank their naughty little rumps).

My Spanking Roommate

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