Kami Robertson caned!

Kami Robertson gets caught sitting in bed reading Kane magazine

Kami Robertson is a very cute and sexy, British spanking model but until now I’ve always felt she’s looked too young. This caning scene looks great and I’m now convinced that she’s well over 18 so here she is on the Spanking Sarah website…

Kami Robertson is innocent eyed and just loving to be spanked and caned. In this film on the web site now you see her when she is caught in bed reading a sexy, spanking magazine when she should have been doing her homework. The only cure for this must be a good caning and this is what she gets. Her pyjama bottoms are removed after a few strokes and then a full force caning is carried out on her small firm bare bottom. Just watch her face as the cane does its work on her bottom.

With the magazine being “Kane” magazine it’s only right that she should be caned…

Kami Robertson caned gallery

Kami Robertson bends over the bed and gets her naughty bottom caned

Spanking Sarah features Sarah as the main character. She’s a British MILF who loves to get naughty, suck cock, fuck, spank and get spanked. On her website she appears often with other lovely British ladies and spanking models. Kami Robertson is just one of the guests on her website and this update is a lovely addition to the kinky action!

Spanking Sarah

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