Madison Young in Spanking Desires

Madison Young spanks Anna Mills in Spanking Desires

Madison Young is nice.. she’s been on Clare Fonda’s websites quite a lot and it’s always nice seeing her in a spanking scene whether she’s on the top or bottom because she really gets into the role. In the movies she seems to have a similar personality to Kay Richards but maybe a bit more refined and sensible. Ok, maybe she’s nothing like Kay but I like her anyway!! She has strawberry blonde hair and loves the attention of being in front of the camera, especially when she gets to spank a lovely blonde’s bottom as she does here with fetish diva Anna Mills

Madison Young and Anna Mills lesbian spanking clips

These clips come from Spanking Desires

Mistress Erzsebet, Anna Mills, Madison Young and Alsana Sin – some already familiar and some brand new faces appear in this smoking hot DVD Spanking Desires. The mistress has turned her bedroom into a domination course for her sexy female slaves and every time her evil mind comes up with something special for her helpless submissives. A great lezdom experience with an accent on spanking, flogging and high heels fetish.

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