Introducing Tracie

Tracie is in trouble with her mom in the kitchen

Tracie is brand new to the internet spanking world. She’s a very cute girl-next-door type with a tight dancer’s body who was spanked growing up by her mom and dad. Tracie is very responsive and very vocal when she’s getting spanked. The spankings she acted out at Spanked Sweeties brought back a lot of memories for this beautiful, golden-haired girl.

Clare Fonda spanks Tracie very hard in this spanking series of movies and Tracie is very loud in her protests but she is obviously able to take a very hard spanking. I like the view from the front with Tracie holding her long, wavy hair to the side and looking very mournful.

Tracie looks mournful as her mom spanks her in the kitchen over her black panties

In this scene you can see that her mom is mad at her in the kitchen. Luckily there is a hard-back chair nearby so Tracie can go over her mom’s knee right there in the kitchen. Her figure-hugging grey dress rides up over her big, round bottom and her mom spanks her over her black panties. But, finally, those panties come down and the mom makes sure daughter, Tracie, gets to remember her lesson for a long time by spanking her on the bare bottom.

Tracie's mom spanks her very hard on her bare bottom

Tracie is beautiful, new babe to be spanked and interviewed about her real-life punishments at Spanked Sweeties. You can download the spanking interview and three scenes of poor Tracie acting out punishments she had from both her mom and dad. Tracie is just the latest in many spankees to have been interviewed and spanked, even Clare Fonda herself takes her turn over the knee when she acts out some of her own personal fantasies.

Spanked Sweeties

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