Spanked Bare Bottom in Stockings

Today we have two lovely ladies getting spanked bare bottom in stockings. There is something very sexy about stockings, they show off a lady’s legs and frame the bottom, especially when the skirt and panties are removed and her fleshy, round bottom is getting slapped hard, as here…

Pretty and petite Mei Mara gets spanked by Chelsea Pfeiffer in her sexy stockings

Mei Mara is a very petite lady from New York who gets straight to business in the “Chelsea Spanks!” series. Even though she is no stranger to a spanking, Mei is a little nervous at first but soon relaxes as the spanking gets under way. Her striped dress is lifted up almost immediately and we get to see her little bottom in the sexy stockings. Beautiful!

Next up is Karina wearing a different kind of stockings but the same principal definitely applies, especially with her delicious booty…

Karina gets her bare bottom spanked while wearing stockings

In a scene called “Pay the Piper” Chelsea was excited to hear about how Karina’s cousin, from a small village in the old country, liked her visit to Los Angeles. But when Chelsea heard that instead of taking her to the great museums, gardens or other wonderful aspects of our city’s culture, Karina had taken her clubbing, drinking and so forth, she decided to take Karina to task right then and there! Still that wasn’t the end of Karina’s mischief. You’d think a grown woman would know better.

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