Samantha Johnson’s Little Black Dress Spanking

Sometimes a picture or three can say a thousand words. That’s certainly the case here. Samantha Johnson looks so pretty and glamorous in her tiny black dress and high heels. Her boobs are pushed up in that slutty evening dress and her legs look so long. We like Sam more and more with every scene she does but this has to be one of the best, especially the hand-spanking at the beginning as she’s bending over holding onto the mantelpiece. Delicious. Click the pics for the sample videos…

Samantha Johnson gets a ticking off and dressing down

Sam is assisted into position - lovely cleavage pic

Samantha has her dress hitched up and her knickers pulled down for her bare bottom spanking

Samantha Johnson’s Little Black Dress Spanking

Watch the full movie plus her equally erotic gym spanking (round bottom, tight Lycra, plenty of hard smacking) and of course plenty of feisty, English wench, Christina’s disciplinary antics at…

Spank Christina

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