Schoolgirl spanked hard by Strict Nun

Members of Sarah Gregory Spanking will know that quite a while ago there was a very sexy scene with Sarah playing a schoolgirl with her hair in bunches who got punished at the front of the class by her strict teacher. The teacher for that scene was Audrey Lin, who had her hair tied up and wore glasses to make herself look particularly teacher-like and strict. It was a very sexy scene and Sarah Gregory looked amazing in her white blouse and long, brown hair in plaits.

Finally, Audrey is back! But this time she’s playing a sexy submissive schoolgirl while Sarah plays a kinky nun who is going to punish her little bubblebutt…

Nun calls naughty Asian schoolgirl over

With her fringe falling across her eyes, petite Audrey Lin looks very much like a schoolgirl. And it gets even better when Sarah pulls her over her knee and lifts up her plaid skirt…

Nun Sarah pulls naughty Audrey over her knee

Schoolgirl Audrey hangs onto the teacher’s desk as the nun lifts up her dress and smacks her lovely, round bubblebutt. And nun Sarah spanks her HARD…

Audrey Lin gets spanked very hard over her white school panties until her bottom is very red

Audrey Lin takes a really hard handspanking over the nun’s habit, her small, round bottom gets very red indeed…

The nun pulls Audrey's white knickers down to continue spanking her on the bare bottom

If you enjoy switches as much as we do then you’ll love cute little Asian switch, Audrey Lin and her very well-spanked bubble butt in these updates at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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