When is the right time for a spanking?

Elise Graves gets a naked spanking from Clare Fonda

This scene from Girl Spanks Girl with Elise Graves getting spanking in her pajamas and in the nude made me think about the timing of a spanking.

Obviously, from the spankee’s point of view it would depend on whether you’d been naughty, what you had done and how the spanker was feeling at that moment. From the spanker’s point of view you might decide that the punishment should happen at once, or whether the threat of punishment should be there for a while, the waiting!

Sometimes spankings can be inconvenient for either person. Perhaps the spankee has a need to sit down shortly afterwards, or perhaps the spanker has something that he or she has to do.

Back to the scene with sexy brunette Elise it happens that here Clare Fonda is in complete control, Elise is very submissive. Clare decides that the spanking should take two parts, one part is downstairs and the is upstairs before bed. Of course, upstairs Elise is all ready for bed in her pajamas, which means that she’s spanked over her pj’s, then over her panties and finally on the bare bottom.

Sometimes a spanking is a short sharp shock, and other times it can be split up and spread over a period of time. This can frustrate and tantalize! Spankees who are aroused by the waiting for a spanking can be teased as much as the spanker desires. But not too much 😉

You can download this full girl-on-girl scene at Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl

One thought to “When is the right time for a spanking?”

  1. another brilliant site from Clare with lovely girls being spanked ,Elise is a beautiful little spankee girl having big spanks from her mummy ,Clare is teaching her to be a nice young and well behaved young lady ,best ,tim.

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