Spanking Kate James

Mistress Gemini spanks Kate James OTK on her bare bottom

First off, you can read more about what Kate gets up to at her new blog Spanking Kate James.. I have to say she takes her spankings very publicly!!

From the picture above you can see that Kate has a very big, round bottom. I like all kinds of female bottom and think that the above picture shows off Kate’s behind at its very best, especially as she’s getting spanked at the same time by the very hard spanking Mistress Gemini. These photos are taken from Clare Fonda’s Spanking sites, I think this was from Spanked Sweeties but Kate has also appeared on Girl Spanks Girl.

Kate James' face over the knee

(For those of you who think Kate looks a little young she IS over 18!!)

Kate rubs her sore bottom in cornertime

I love a good spanking on a nice bottom and any scene with Kate is guaranteed to be both. I love the fact that Kate is a true spank-o and loves it!! It sounds from her blog that she gets her fair share of spankings in public from her boyfriend. I haven’t seen a proper real-life spanking in so long that I wasn’t sure whether they still happened or not ;P

Read more about what Kate gets up to at Spanking Kate James and see the movies from spankings pictured here at Clare Fonda’s Spanking sites!

6 thoughts to “Spanking Kate James”

  1. Well, many of my spankings that take place in public aren’t from Max, but he endorses every one of them! 🙂

    Thanks for the plug 🙂 You’re the best!

  2. ooh i am in love with this sweet juicy thang! i absolutely love watching her get spanked and wedgied. she is so juicy and meaty and mmmmmmmmm, lol! i would love to watch a vid of her in some pretty cotton bikini panties, getting spanked, wedgied and fondled by mistress gemini while she struggles to get away and picks her wedgies out with one hand

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