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Sherrie's arrogance and bad manners earn her a good bare bottom spanking

In previous posts we’ve talked about how there sometimes seems to be two types of spanking website: those where pornstars are patted on the bottom and those where spankee girls are given a hard spanking. This is not always the case.

Bun Beating Fun is the compromise that is better than the extremes in a lot of ways. Ther spanker (TMS – The Mystery Spanker) meets each pornstar, glamour girl and fetish model and the dialog starts from there… Sometimes the naughty brat is spanked for being late, other times the cutie’s bottom is spanked as an attitude adjuster. Take 21-year-old model, Lenore, her offense of being “whiny, petulant, fussy and given to frequent temper tantrums” earnt her this hard OTK hand spanking movie clip.

Most of the pics you’ll see of Bun Beating Fun are taken straight from the video because this site is all about the video, they have very little spanking pics except for those in the model profiles and instead choose to make every update a very good quality movie instead.

Misty's high opinion of herself lead to a very hot OTK spanking

As you see a few of the movies on the website you’ll notice that these girls are not spankees that are spanked every day.. these girls are not used to being spanked and seeing them writhe around as the hard hand smacks on their butt starts to hurt is absolutely priceless. As the name suggests, this website is a lot of fun and seeing these bad-mannered babes get their comeupance is awesome..

We’re giving Bun Beating Fun a 8 out of 10. If you’re not bothered about photos, don’t mind waiting a little for updates and want to see the same guy spank each chick then raise the score to a 9 out of 10!! If you want a M/F spanking website where every scene involves a very cute and bratty “bad ass” babe getting a fully deserved spanking in a long movie download with no DRM you need Bun Beating Fun today!!

Lenore's temper tantrums lead to her being spanked hard on her poor bottom

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