Kay Gets It Good

Clare Fonda gives Kay Richards a good OTK spanking

One this I like and admire about Kay Richards is that she’s a party girl. Even when she’s fully dressed her boobs are almost popping out of whatever she’s wearing. This is always very good to see! Anyway.. in today’s gallery Clare Fonda gives Kay a good OTK spanking

Clare and Kay are 2 of my favorite spanking ladies so seeing Clare spank the naughty and flirty Kay is always good value. In these photos we see plenty more of Kay’s apartment as her naughty tushy gets spanked all over. There are some nice pics towards the end involving the mirror.. one gives a glimpse of her face as she winces from a smack, the other shows her bottom as we examine her pussy and interesting tattoos. Nice tattoos.. even nicer red butt!!

Clare Fonda spanks all the naughty babes (and even gets spanked herself) at Spanked Sweeties!

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