President’s Daughters Spanked

Sarah Gregory gets a firm F/F OTK spanking

These are pics from the spanking scene “President’s Daughters”!! The basic plot is that the President’s two daughters get in trouble with the two agents when they go out partying. Sarah Gregory (getting an OTK spanking, above) plays a slightly dizzy “blonde” daughter and Amber Pixie Wells is the real blonde. One of my favorite lines was when the agent tells Sarah to go in the corner and turn around and do a 360 degree turn, the agent says “no, face the wall” and then Pixie tells the agent, “she gets that from our father.” It’s a very fun scene with some nice M/F and F/F punishments and it’s obvious that the girls had a blast playing out their roles..

Sarah Gregory and Pixie get spanked in tandem

For more info on Sarah Gregory check out her new blog Spanking Sarah Gregory and you can download the President’s Daughters movie only at…

Punished Brats

One thought to “President’s Daughters Spanked”

  1. A very clever and creative scenario from the punishedbrats team…one of those ‘why didn’t i think of that!’ video plots.

    plus kudos to those cool secret service shades they have on.


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