Spanking Models: Chelsea Pfeiffer

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Clare Fonda OTK

Anyone who is into spanking and has surfed the internet will know who Chelsea Pfeiffer is. She is one of the biggest stars in the spanking world and makes high quality spanking movies that feature the hottest babes getting a sound spanking.

From what we’ve seen Chelsea is normally a spanker but the connoisseur will know that Chelsea has been in some very hot scenes indeed where she is taking what she gives out so often. Some of her hottest spanking scenes have been with her friend Clare Fonda, as it the above picture, but she has worked with all the top men and women of the spanking world and is often the lady you want to spank your favorite cutie.

Chelsea gives a very hard OTK spanking and is very skilled with a small, wooden paddle or hairbrush. For more hot spankings from the bitchy Queen Spanker!

Chelsea Pfeiffer’s A Good Spanking

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