Kay’s Revenge on her Stepmom

Kay Richards gets a diaper punishment from stepmom Clare Fonda

In the previous episode poor Kay Richards is home from college trying to live a normal life but her new stepmother insists things be super clean. She waits until after Kay’s date, forces her to strip, checks her panties, wipes her down and diapers her then let’s her boyfriend take a look at his date wearing her nice, clean diaper! How humiliating!

But now, the tables are turned and Kay controls the purse strings in the house. Stepmom Clare Fonda is forced to strip and has her pussy rubbed clean with a baby wipe before she is spanked and diapered. The younger girl shows no mercy to the older woman with the diaper punishment.

Clare Fonda gets diapered and spanked by Kay Richards

Both sexy ladies get stripped naked and humiliated by the other. Clare Fonda especially looks very embarrassed indeed as Kay puts a diaper on her and wipes her shaved pussy with a babywipe.

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