Yard Spanking

Over the knee handspanking outdoors

Is it just me or is there something a bit.. a bit special about an outdoor spanking? Even if there is no-one within sight or earshot there is always the risk that someone might show up and that makes things all the more uncomfortable for the naughty lady.

In this yard spanking it’s a sunny day, perfect bar-b-que weather. You can imagine a few yards away over the fence a group of people starting to spill out into the yard with a couple of beers to check on the coals, if they did the party might be treated to some steady, rhythmical slapping noises and the occasional “ouch”.. they might then be curious as to what was going on, or maybe they can guess but want to check it out anyway, like people do when there’s a car crash.

Outdoor yard spanking gallery

Seeing as the summer is officially over in the northern hemisphere it’s good to look back at some nice, brisk spanking in the heat of summer. It looks like the girl has gotten sunburnt on her behind! Oh no, that’ll just be her…

Rosy Red Cheeks

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