Spanked Bottoms

Ok, so if you read here a lot you may know that I like tits and ass and spanking. Apparently, for people who like spanking the ass is the most important thing (I wonder why, lol) so today here’s some famous / nice bottoms that I like. Click each pic for either more of that gallery, where we have it, or the girl’s website…

Sophie (Spanked Cutie) – lovely round bottom, sexy accent and this girl can take quite a beating…

Spanked Cutie

Madison Martin – one of my current favorites! Perfect ass.. round, tight, looks amazing to spank it. This gallery is taken from what muct be one of the hardest spankings she’s had.. real tears, very hard paddling…

Madison Martin

Pixie – One of the most famous US spankees. Her behaviour often demands a spanking and her round bottom is pert and always very well-presented by Pixie as she sticks it out far to pose for the camera..


Rosaleen Young – Rosaleen was my fav babe for ages. Her high-pitched English accent, brattiness and pretty face add to her appeal but just look at that ass!! Oh lordy…

Rosaleen Young

Katie Leigh – sometimes I need to see a blonde getting spanked and when I do Katie is normally the first I turn to. Lovely body, great tits, cute, and her bottom is just perfect…

Katie Leigh

As you can see, of the 5 here I have my favorites but there are plenty more that I could have added if I’d have had the time. I like a nice, round, pert ass on a pretty girl. I tend to like brunettes with natural tits but blondes are good too. It’s mainly about the girl though, and her personality. Other girls that I can think of right now that I should add next time are Kay Richards who I almost obsess about (mainly because of her crazy, funny personality and love of spanking) and Sarah Gregory who looks so nice, sweet and innocent, girl-next-door style that it’s a great pleasure to watch her get her pretty bottom smacked..

Anyway, more next time. Let me know if you agree or not!

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