Riley’s First Spanking Shoot

Arabic Riley knows she's in trouble when mom pulls her across her lap

The latest sexy lady to act out some spanking scenes on Spanked Sweeties is sexy, Arabic beauty, Riley! Even though this was her first on-screen spanking, this hottie is no stranger to being spanked on her amazing ass. In real-life growing up she used to be spanked by mom, dad and even the nanny!

When you first see Riley she looks like a nice, slightly exotic looking brunette, she’s quite pretty but definitely has a girl-next-door, amateur feel about her. But then she bends over and you see the most exquisite bottom in the world. Riley really does have a lovely ass! Riley and her lovely bottom get a quite a thrashing as she squirms and kicks over the knee. Her interview is quite vivid as we find out about the traditional discipline in her large family.

Riley is very sexy in these spanking scenes and her natural reactions are very nice as the spanking gets harder and harder. But there are two stars in the scene pictured, and Clare Fonda is looking better than ever as she gets to grips with Riley’s amazing bubblebutt…

Riley shields her face as gorgeous Clare Fonda spanks her perfect bubble butt

You can download the spanking interview and scenes of Riley getting spanked in some re-enactments of real-life spankings from her mom and dad at Spanked Sweeties.

Spanked Sweeties

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