Clare and a Punished Brat

Momma Clare Fonda spanks Juliet on the bare after pulling down her panties

I like interesting angles.. and this is just that. You know those scenes in films or TV or whatever where the camera looks down on a row of houses but the roofs have been magically removed and we see what each household is doing as we look in house-by-house. You can imagine in one house the people are watching television, in the next house they are arguing in the kitchen, next house they’re having sex and what’s this happening in number 23?

As we pan down at Momma Clare’s house we see that Juliet has been a bad teenager so tonight there will be an evening spanking followed by premature bedtime for this naughty madam. Juliet has been called home from college by her mom Clare to be punished for her underage drinking. Even after a long talk and coming to an agreement about the issue, Clare still feels that following through with the promised spanking is necessary. On some streets Juliet may be thought of as being too old for a spanking but not in this neighborhood. Breaking the rules leads this college freshman to having her panties pulled right down as her pretty bottom is firmly dealt with.

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Punished Brats

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