Dragged out of the pool and spanked

Sarah Gregory gets dragged out of the pool after already being grounded

Sarah Gregory has been grounded. When Daddy comes home from work early, he is not happy to find his grounded daughter out in the pool. He drags her into the house…

Sarah gets her wet bottom whacked as she's led into the house

… and gives her a hard, bare bottom spanking on her wet bottom.

Inside the house Sarah Gregory gets her wet, clammy bottom spanked hard by her daddy

Sarah has a lovely, curvy figure. Her full breasts and tiny waist give her a stunning hourglass shape which looks amazing when she is pulled, dripping wet, from the pool in her little polkadot bikini. You can imagine what her bottom would feel like once she’s back indoors over her daddy’s knee, all wet and clammy. Those hard swats would have really stung her naughty bottom.

Sarah gregory gets dragged out of the pool and taken indoors for a spanking in “Splish Splash Spank” gallery

The story ends happily with Sarah’s bare bottom bright red with her bikini bottoms around her ankles. Gotta love a happy ending! As always, you can see the full gallery and watch the full movie only at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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