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If you wanna know some thoughts about me and spanking read on…

I got into spanking by accident. I was just surfing porn and stumbled across some spanking sites. I can’t remember what the site was but then I’m sure I searched for more and was soon hooked. I liked the drama of a hard OTK spanking. Sometimes in hardcore or whatever you almost get the feeling like they’ve all got 5 minutes to shoot the scene before they can collect their checks and go home. With spanking however, a hard spanking, you really can’t fake that reaction of the girl as she’s stung in her rear. There is more to it than that and I’m not sure I can explain it but maybe it stems from my own childhood.

One of the first scenes I can remember seeing Clare Fonda in was with Chelsea Pfeiffer in the Soccer Moms DVD. It was a great scene and I just thought that Clare should have spanked Chelsea a bit harder because she seemed to get the harder punishment. This was pretty much the perfect for me because I love it when strict women spank and get spanked so to have this times two in the same scene was just amazing, both punishments ended in a good hairbrushing with plenty of arguing between the two ladies and what look like real tears from Clare.

At around the same time I saw some scenes with Pixie and David that were also paddlings and the interaction between the two as Pixie was spanked hard was very nice. Again, the spanking was very hard and real and the situation was a regular situation that you can imagine happening in many households all over the world. Pixie seems like a lot of fun and this is definitely confirmed by reading through her blog, loved the beach pix and implements discussion.

I like it when the girl acts up and tries to get herself spanked, then when she’s successful and is over the knee she suddenly changes her mind but it’s too late. I also like the scenario where a girl is being spanked by a woman then someone else enters and it’s the woman’s turn for a spanking. In fact, there are quite a few fantasies or scenarios I like. Sometimes, its not the actual spanking I like but what happens up to it in the knowledge that she’ll be spanked, or what happens afterwards. I like the idea of some naughty lady getting spanked in the morning by one person then again in the evening (one of the Birchington Manor DVDs does this quite well). And the roleplay of one babe going to stay at a girlfriend’s house and them both getting into trouble and spanked is always a winner, especially when it’s the visiting girl’s first spanking.

Like I say at the top of the blog. We’re talking here about girls who are 18 year old and older. This blog is totally about the spanking and rolepay between consenting adults.

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