Ageplay, breastfeeding and spanking

Sarah Gregory sits in a crib wearing a diaper and sucking on a pacifier

Here is some more kinky “adult baby” ageplay from Naughty Diaper Girls, this time featuring two of our favorites: Sarah Gregory and Clare Fonda.

As you can see Sarah is all diapered up and sat in a crib with a pacifier at the start of this scene. We’re at a fairly high level of kink already but the kinkiness level is about to go off the scale…

AB Sarah Gregory tricks Clare Fonda into letting her suckle on her breasts

Sarah fools Clare. Clare has been left to watch Sarah while her mommie is out. Sarah tells her a sob story of how she is never fed breast milk. Clare thinks Sarah is a real baby girl and feeds her some breast milk from her own tits. It feels good for both of them. She then finds out Sarah is really a naughty grown up girl so she takes her over her lap and spanks her.

Clare Fonda punishes Sarah with a good ol' OTK spanking when she finds out the truth

If you like this kinky AB scenarios and diapers, Naughty Diaper Girls, has lots of very fetishy diaper-training, age-play, insertions, masturbation, diaper punishments and, of course, some light spankings.

Naughty Diaper Girls

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