Two hustlers spanked!

Kat St James is the first of two naughty ladies to go over the knee

Spanked Call Girls is one of my favorite spanking websites because beautiful ladies get a well-deserved spanking in a seedy location. The ladies in question are the callgirls in Clare Fonda’s brothel. I don’t know whether it’s the sleaziness, the slutty outfits or the idea that strong, independent women (or hookers) can benefit from some discipline. Whatever it is, the cocktail of glamourous ladies, nudity and spanking is delicious.

Here, the latest update sees famous spanking model Kat St. James and new spankee, Stevie, get in trouble with the strict hookers’ madam…

Katherine St. James has brought Stevie into Momma Clare’s hooker ring and they try to hustle more money due to Stevie being so cute. All it gets is a bare-bottomed spanking for both girls which they know they have coming and end up begging for.

Both ladies go over the knee and have their panties pulled down for Momma Clare’s stinging hand swats, then she delves inside her trusty purse and eventually emerges with a hard, wooden hairbrush. Something tells me this is a painful lesson…

Kat St James is the first of two naughty ladies to go over the knee

…followed swiftly by Stevie

You can watch the full movie of naughty Lilia’s big bottom getting spanked at Spanked Call Girls and you can, of course, join along with the rest of the Clare Fonda spanking websites at Clare Fonda Pass.

Spanked Callgirls

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