Pixie gets the yardstick

Pixie gives a bad evaluation of Professor Pierson's class and feels the consequences

Thinking a lot about implements recently: paddles/hairbrushes, straps/belts and of course the cane. Another school-related implement is the wooden yardstick. Its almost a cross between the paddle and the cane. It certainly looks like it’s pretty painful in this Sample Movie.

The story behind this hard punishment is that Pixie has given Professor Pierson’s class a terrible evaluation. She claimed that it was useless and boring. Since the evaluations are obviously not anonymous Professor Pierson takes offence at Pixie’s opinions, especially as she was far from a model student. Professor Pierson decides a lesson in fairness and responsibility is in order for naughty Pixie, to help her increase her attendance for future classes. “This lesson may not be one that Pixie signed up for, but it is one that she’s been in sore need of.”

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