Best Value Spankings – Clare Fonda Pass

Best Value Spankings - Clare Fonda Pass

I was talking to someone the other day about all the multi-site spanking passes there are out there. We were discussing the pros and cons.. how often they’re updated, quality of the updates, quality of the spankings and how much of the content is elsewhere or on other sites in the network. The conclusion we came to is that Clare Fonda’s Pass is right up there at the top because each site is completely different and they’re all updated a lot..

Girl Spanks Girl (home of the “Exclusive Education” movies) has always been a fav site of mine and now I’m loving seeing Kay and Madison in My Spanking Roommate (see Madison Martin getting spanked and paddled hard by Danny Crichton, hot hot hot). The 4-site combo also includes Spanked Sweeties (models talk about real-life spankings and how they feel about being spanked before they are spanked) and Kara Prepare Yourself (more fetishy.. anal thermometers and diapers).

Generally speaking I like the harder stuff better than the lighter, fetishy stuff but there is a lot of hard spankings especially on GSG and Roomie. I also like the roleplay elements and the spanking stories. Roomie and Kara are both very storyline focused sites and we follow the characters’ interactions with each other and, of course, the spankings. Across all the sites we’re mainly talking F/F spankings but there are some M/F spankings with guest spankers such as Danny and the newest of the sites on the 5-site pass in completely F/M.

Clare Fonda Pass

See also: an old review of the 3-site deal – this review is very out-of-date and there are now “FULL MOVIE DOWNLOADS” aswell as many months worth of updates added to the members area.

EDIT: Kara Prepare Yourself has now become Spanked Callgirls and the F/M site Clare Spanks Men has been replaced on Clare Fonda Pass by Spanking Sorority Girls.

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